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Our online professional course consists of the required training topics for shippers of regulated medical waste as required by the US DOT. Each lesson needs to be completed to fulfill the training requirements. Once all lessons are completed, the training record and certificate will be immediately available for download.

By enrolling now you will be registered for the course including these following lessons:

  • General Awareness – Training that provides familiarity with the general requirements of the HMR and enables the hazmat employee to recognize and identify hazardous materials. All hazmat employees must receive general awareness training. This is a brief video and training materials that give a broad overview of shipping hazardous materials.
  • Function Specific – Training that provides a detailed understanding of HMR requirements applicable to the function(s) performed by the hazmat employee. Each hazmat employee must be trained on the specific functions they are required to perform as it relates to the shipping of regulated medical waste. This section covers classification, packing and shipping papers. This training is designed to educate regulated medical waste shippers specifically.
    • Packaging Demonstration– This section has a brief video that demonstrates how to properly package a box of regulated medical waste. This covers how to prepare the container to make sure it meet US DOT shipping requirements.
  • Safety Training – Training that covers the hazards presented by hazardous materials, safe handling, emergency response information, and methods and procedures for accident avoidance. All hazmat employees must receive this training. This training is specific to the management and shipping of regulated medical waste. This section covers items such as universal precautions, personal protective equipment, loading and unloading, securing loads, and emergency response.
  • Security Awareness – Training that provides a general understanding of the security risks associated with hazardous materials transportation and the methods designed to enhance transportation security. This training should include methods on how to recognize and respond to possible security threats. All hazmat employees must receive this training. This security awareness training helps to enlighten shippers of regulated medical waste on some of the security precautions they should consider as shippers of regulated medical waste. This section discusses security in the shipping of hazardous materials, and overall restricting access to hazardous materials to only those that have a need to gain access.
  • Bulk Outer Packaging Some generators utilize large carts or roll off containers for the shipping of regulated medical waste. These are containers that are designed for shipping regulated medical waste and are greater than 119 gallons in size. These containers have some specific requirements for the inner packaging and some separation requirements. These are covered in detail in this section.

Please Note:

  • InDepth Security Training – This should be completed directly at your facility if required. This is training that provides a detailed understanding of a company’s security plan including company security objectives, specific security procedures, employee responsibilities, actions to take in the event of a security breach and the organizational security structure. This training must be provided to hazmat employees who handle or perform regulated functions related to the transportation of the materials covered by the security plan or who are responsible for implementing the security plan. Please maintain the record of this training with the training record and certificate created with this course.


The hazmat employer is responsible for maintaining training records for each hazmat employee. These records must be kept for the duration of the three-year training cycle while the hazmat employee is employed and for 90 days after the employee leaves employment. Training records must be made available by the employer for audit and review by regulatory authorities upon request. Training records must include the following:

  • The hazmat employee’s name
  • The most recent training completion date
  • A description of, copy of, or reference to training materials used to meet the training requirements
  • The name and address of the person providing the training
  • A certification that the person has been trained and tested as required

Upon the completion of this course you will immediately receive a training record and certificate that should be maintained and readily available to inspectors if required. This training record complies with the requirements above.